Carolyn Barnett

Carolyn Barnett - Bio I have been a fibre artist for thirty three years. My canvas the human body, my tools have been my hands and domestic knitting machines making knit garments, wearable art, one at a time, primarily for women but also men, children, commercials and the theatre.

I am now working mostly with my hands, dyeing wool and silk and using a lot of water to bring the wet felting I have used initially for collars now to a whole garments.

As a fibre artist I work with natural fibres like wool and silk. The unknown of my own dyeing is exhilarating, then I love the freedom from structure I have with felting, creating a fabric, using colours freely, experimenting with what will work technically to create the look I want, what won’t and how to make the ‘won’ts, into ‘wills’.

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