Seymone Armstrong

I consider my artwork as an extension of myself in that it embraces my memories of past moments lived, aspirations of future goals and emotions felt.A major influence of my work is Prince Edward County, Ontario, where I was born. I try to show the flavor of the County as it used to be 50 or so years ago as we are losing this history to the progression of time. I also dabble in abstract work where an image will tend to pop into my mind at a whim and its voice will not be quietened until I project it onto a piece of artwork.

I enjoy working with various textiles, hand dyed cloth, fine threads and yarns, rusted metals, paper and found objects. Quilting, hand embroidery, punch needle, needle and wet felting, beading, other hand work and embellishment can be found in my artwork. Paints, fabric dyes, discharging, staining, burning of materials and any other methods that I can utilize all play an important part in my creative process.

I am a firm believer of the “Slow Stitch” movement.